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Hi there! 

Welcome on Cookaholic.nl, which is my personal blog with a collection of recipes and foodtips. I am Annika, a 25-year old food and wine lover, always trying out new combinations and new ingredients. My friends love to try my new found recipes  (have been accused of being a feeder before, guilty!).  However I've always wanted to do something 'extra' with my cooking skills, because there is absolutely nothing I can get more excited about than great food! A while ago I started Cookaholic.nl, where I can share my passion for food and wine and hopefully inspire others to cook something different once in a while.

On this website you can find a nice mixture of nutritrious healthy meals, but also just downright delicious comfort foods: super simple or a little bit more challenging to impress your friends. 
Try them out and let me know what you think! 


x Annika